• Do I tip in Italy

    Tipping Etiquette in Italy

    To tip or not to tip? Many people often ask me what is the proper etiquette when it comes to tipping in Italy. Keep reading and learn all about the tipping culture and…

  • Summer fashion

    Summer 2019 Fashion Trends

    Summer is right around the corner, time to get ready for those long beach days and summer nights. Summer clothing is my personal favorite because it’s fun and effortless. Accessories are key when…

  • Popular Italian phrases
    Lifestyle,  Travel

    Useful Italian Phrases

    Ciao a tutti! Summer is approaching and many of you are getting ready to travel to Italy. Although many people in Italy speak English, it’s always useful to know a couple of common…

  • Pizza rustica
    Food,  Holiday Recipes

    Pizza Rustica

    Easter would not be complete without Pizza Rustica! Pizza Rustica can also be referred as Torta Pasqualina or Pizza Piena. Italians celebrate the end of lent with this savory quiche filled with different…

  • Food

    Filejia Calabresi

    All my fellow Calabresi will recognize this type of pasta! Filejia pasta or Filadieti as we call them in my hometown Francavilla Angitola are typical from the Calabria region of Italy. This pasta…

  • Food,  Holiday Recipes

    Anginetti Cookies

    Let the holiday craze begin! Christmas is right around the corner and one of my favorite holiday activities is baking – which can easily become very stressful. One deliciously appealing Italian Christmas cookie…