Halloween Costumes Picks

Halloween is right around the corner and just because 2020 was scary enough, that doesn’t mean that you should miss out on all the fun of dressing up. 3 Wishes has all your Halloween costume needs, their costumes are sexy and will make you look your best. I have picked three of my favorite costumes, keep reading to see my selection!


Wine Godess

Okay, so this was hands down my number 1 choice. Not only, is this costume creative and innovative but it’s also sexy yet classy. I love the purple shade and the headband grape accessory is genius!



We’re in the roaring 20s correct? Paying homage to the glamourous and decadent era seems like the right thing to do in 2020. This flapper costume will instantly transform you and take you back in time into the times of Gatsby.



Who doesn’t want a chance to look like a goddess? This sexy look will not only make you look like a goddess but also feel like one. This costume does have a matching man costume so it’s perfect for couples that would like to coordinate their looks this Halloween.


Thank you for reading my top 3 Halloween picks from 3 Wishes. They have a ton of sexy and stylish costumes, click this link here to check them out. They also have a ton of sexy lingerie on their website, click here to view. For more fashion-related posts, click my Style page on my blog. 


Happy Halloween everyone!



La Signorina

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