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DIY Olive Oil & Lemon Scrub

Does anyone else have dry and chapped hands from constantly washing them? Mine have been chafing quickly and feel irritated for the rest of the day. As a simple remedy, I came up with an all-natural  DIY scrub made out of three Mediterranean ingredients that you can probably already find in your kitchen. See the instructions to my simple olive oil and lemon scrub and its benefits below! 



  • Two tablespoons of salt
  • One tablespoon of olive oil
  • One teaspoon of lemon juice 


  1. In a bowl, mix salt with olive oil then add the lemon juice. 
  2. Mix all together well until it turns into a paste and put on your hands. 
  3. Scrub your hands and then rinse!

This simple DIY olive oil and lemon scrub is great for the colder months when your skin gets dry, and the natural ingredients have many benefits to promote healthy skin. Olive oil contains antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, and K. Vitamin E is often used to treat skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Vitamin K helps soften and hydrate your skin. Salt helps cleanse the pores to restore hydration, and lemon helps smoothen and tighten your skin. 

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  • Shey

    Great post and much needed, my hands are extra dry lately. I’m curious to know if you can store the Olive Oil, Lemon scrub or do you have to make it each time you want to use it? Thanks 🙂

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