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Simply Signorina is an Italian-influenced lifestyle blog created by Diane Marie Pisera (La Signorina) focusing on travel, cuisine, fashion, and much more!

Diane was born in Palmanova, a quaint suburban town located in the north eastern region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Diane’s roots are Calabrese as both of her parents and families are from Francavilla Angitola, a small town located in the province of Vibo Valentia, Calabria. Due to the lack of jobs in southern Italy, Diane’s parents moved to Friuli where she was born and raised. Diane has the fondest memories of her childhood in Italy from summering in the beaches of Calabria con la famiglia, to drinking her first cappuccino with her zia at four years old in Piazza Primo Maggio, Udine. When Diane was nine years old she moved with her family to Westchester County, a suburban neighborhood just outside of New York City.  Since moving to the United States, Diane has frequently traveled back to Italy visit her family in Calabria and Friuli, or to explore the beautiful country.

Diane is fluent in Italian and previously worked at the Westchester Italian Cultural Center, a non-profit organization that promotes the Italian culture. Her job gave Diane the opportunity to stay close to her heritage and constantly attend relevant events such as the NYC Columbus Day Parade or other enriching programs about L’Italia. In October 2018, Diane was accepted in the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) student fellowship program and attended the NIAF 2018 Gala. In addition, Diane is a part of many other Italian American organizations within New York or at her local community such as The Italian Welfare League and the Mount Pleasant Italian American Club.

Her charmingly traditional upbringing and passion for the Italian culture has led her to create this blog to document and share her beloved heritage with you.

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La Signorina