• Gift guide

    Italy Inspired Gift Guide

    Can you believe we already near the end of 2019?! We are officially into December, and the holiday craze is shortly on its way. Christmas time is a lot of fun, but it…

  • Food

    Butternut Squash Ravioli

    If you’re over pumpkin spice already, let the unutilized flavor of butternut squash take over for the remainder of this fall. If you need a recipe for Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, or any other fall…

  • Apple cider spritz
    Cocktails,  Food

    Apple Cider Spritz

    Fall is known for its distinct flavors like pumpkin spice, apples, and cinnamon. For this recipe, I took one of my favorite drinks and fused it with some of the delicious fall flavors.…

  • Fall fashion

    Fall 2019 Fashion Trends

    Sad to say that summer is over in the Northeast. I cannot believe that we are already in mid-October! As the fall breeze begins to creep in, it’s that time of the year…

  • Cocktails,  Food

    Aperol Spritz

    I’m sure most of you have heard of the popular aperitivo drink called the Aperol Spritz, but did you know that Aperol was actually invented back in 1919? Aperol was created in Padua…

  • Do I tip in Italy

    Tipping Etiquette in Italy

    To tip or not to tip? Many people often ask me what is the proper etiquette when it comes to tipping in Italy. Keep reading and learn all about the tipping culture and…